Designer Sofas

Besides serving the functional purpose of providing seating, sofa sets provide beautiful enrichment and add a touch of elegance and luxury to a room. The trends and demands for sofa sets have evolved over the last few years, partially due to the decreased availability of space as more people like smaller, easier-to-maintain, but stylish residences. Sofa set manufacturers and suppliers are now paying more attention to designer sofa sets so each room can reflect the personality of the owner. A Comfortable Designer sofa can be found in a wide range of colors, style, fabrics and leathers allowing the customer to pick and choose pieces which allow their personality to stand out. So you can make oneself completely comfortable owing to this rich offer pallet it and withdraw oneself relaxed on the sofa. In addition, designer sofas come in all shapes and sizes to suit a home of any size.

When space is a limiting factor, there is no better option than a corner sofa. Designed for ultimate physical comfort and making maximum use of corners that otherwise go wasted, corner sofas are the perfect choice of smaller rooms. Available in soft leather or brightly colored fabrics, there is a wide range to select from. Corner sofas are versatile and not just limited to smaller places only. When added on to other pieces of furniture, they are ideal for adding extra seating in larger rooms.

The very elegant and sophisticated Hamilton Black Leather 3-Seat sofa is a high quality modern leather couch. With its modern design and high comfort level it invites everyone to relax on it. The legs are mirror polished and 100% stainless steel that is geometrically proportional. The appearance of the sofa is formal, yet very relaxing and the design invites a everyone to sink in and lounge. The modestly priced sofa will add an eye-catching look to any modern living space.

Modular furniture provides endless possibilities that allow one to truly set a lounge according to their own personal style. There is a choice of 2-seat sofas, chaise lounges and stylish ottomans. The practical modular system was developed by Hamburg-based designer Karsten Weigel, who enjoyed manipulating the contrasts between hard and soft. Creating stark differences between the hard outside of the sofa to that of the inside containing elegant, light curves, Weigel manages to create truly unique piece that stand apart from the crowd.

The Seed system is available in a large selection of desirable colors and various configurations, like the three seater, a narrow and wide corner element and a choice of right or left configuration chairs. There is also an armchair that comes with right or left armrest configuration and an ottoman. Modular furniture allows one a lot of flexibility when setting up a room, since as many or as few pieces desired may be attached together.

The Highbury Black is a compact piece in form, yet a true picture of simplicity and elegance; it is sure to be a welcome site in any drawing room. It comes with four removable cushions for the ultimate in comfort and design. The piece is perfect for a smaller living room or as a part of a larger collection in a bigger one. The upholstery is an easy to clean cotton, linen and polyester combination. While no protection is applied out of consideration for customers with allergies, it can easily be protected if desired. This is a very attractive piece that can be adjusted in any room of the house.